GSM/UMTS Network Support Services

GSM/UMTS Network Support Services

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Featured Projects

Proactive Core Network Support Service

Preventive system health checks. Identify system problems and shortcomings before escalated to emergencies.

Support for GSM 2G and 3G Core Network

Ensure network operating optimally and configured according to specification standards. Ensure Data and Routing integrity, including switching requirements and new services implemented as per business requirements.

Radio Support Services

Perform day-to-day operations and maintenance ensuring integrity and optimum performance of radio network

Core Network Auditing and Data Mining

MSS Configuration Audit provides detailed technical evaluation of all MSC configuration parameters of all MSC-Servers (or monolothically MSC’s), Blade Clusters, HLR’s and MGW’s implelented into the network

What We Are Doing ?

iCore strive to be the leading provider of telecommunications solutions and services operating in Africa and South Africa. Our principal activities include local, national and international telecommunications services.

Specializing in “TURN KEY” solution and consultation, installation, integration on RAN, CS/PS Core and software requirements with minimum impact on the Core Function of delivering a service. Our engineers adjust to develop original and innovative products that will meet those needs as well as new technologies to lead future market.